Replicating Mum2Mum

In 2019, the Princess Project Mum2Mum team won a place on The Cinnamon Network’s Project Incubator, which takes innovative, new social action projects and helps them grow to a point where they can be replicated many times over.


We have been fortunate to have received two years’ mentoring and training from the Cinnamon team, which has brought us to the point where we are able to partner with local churches across the UK, equipping them with the resources and support they need to be able to run their own Mum2Mum befriending project, supporting young mums in their communities.


Churches (or groups of churches) who partner with us will:


  • -Be given initial and ongoing support and training from the central Princess Project Mum2Mum team
  • -Receive Mum2Mum Befriender Training Course resources (training videos and manuals that can be used to deliver the training online or in-person)
  • -Be given a Mum2Mum Operating Manual, including all the policies, guidelines, forms etc needed to run the project
  • -Be invited to a yearly conference for all those involved in Mum2Mum nationwide
  • -Be invited to join a Facebook forum with other Mum2Mum projects
  • -Be part of the wider Mum2Mum community.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with the Princess Project Mum2Mum team- we would love to hear from you.

"Befriending by mums to mums is needed across our nation as young parents face isolation and stigma. We found that The Princess Project's readymade training course and operations manual made delivering that help so straightforward. I recommend any church with a heart for families to set up a ministry with the confidence that the hard work has already been done, and God will use you to do the rest."

Mum2Mum Cambridge Project Co-ordinator


Mum2Mum Cambridge was the first Mum2Mum project outside Kent. They started in 2020, and are going from strength to strength! There are eight different churches involved in this project, from all over the city.



Mum2Mum in Maidstone, the county town of Kent, was our first Mum2Mum project, and is still the largest. We support mums all across the town, and also in the surrounding villages. This project is run by the central Princess Project team.



Mum2Mum Medway started in 2018, and both our volunteer befriender, and the mums they support, can come from any of the Medway towns. The project is run by the central Princess Project team.