Replicating Mums' Hubs/Totcycle

Would you like to see a Mums’ Hub/Totcycle project running in your community?


Churches (or groups of churches) who partner with us will:

  • -Be given initial and ongoing support and training from the central Princess Project  team
  • -Be given a Hub/Totcycle Operating Manual, including all the policies, guidelines, forms etc needed to run the project
  • -Be invited to a yearly conference for all those involved in Mum2Mum/Hub/Totcycle projects nationwide
  • -Be invited to join a Facebook forum with other Mum2Mum/Hub/Totcycle projects
  • -Be part of the wider Princess Project community.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with the Princess Project  team- we would love to hear from you.